Lilla Rogers: Bootcamp | Jell-O assignment

I must admit I wasn’t feelin the March assignment for Lilla Rogers Make Art That Sells: Assignment Bootcamp. Jell-o was the inspiration. Bolt fabric was the assignment. My color inspiration started out with this image from an old Terrain email that I pinned HERE.


The pattern was designed with Adobe Illustrator CC’s pattern maker. The pattern maker still has the annoying issue of a 1 pixel white line grid that appears when copying the pattern into Photoshop! I must be the only one who does this and is not bothered by it! I kept brightening the colors from my original palette as I worked on the design. Lilla suggested a pale nugget color palette, but that just made me sad, so I stayed with the happy colors.

This is my final submission.


All of this snow and cold weather has me in a funk and I’m cranky. Not quite sure what I can do to get out of it?!?! There are dozens of excuses I could make, but that won’t really help. It is what it is and I need to move on.

Tomorrow will be a better day!