hi card

This card was made by punching coordinating papers with the Fiscars small hexagon shaped punch. I positioned them on a scrap, then glued into position. I left a hexagon out to stamp “hi”.


I  hand cut feathers out of cardstock then used the same ink from the “hi” to add color to them. Dusted the edges with a pink stamp for extra dimension. Tied small glass beads to cotton cord and tied them to the card.


my summer journal

Got this GREAT large sized board book at the library for only 50¢. I have got to find more of these! No need to glue pages together and the book is 9×12 – fantastic size. It was a children’s story book written in German with these kinda creepy illustrations that I was happy to paint over. Here are some of the pages. The inside cover is layers of acrylic paint stamped with lots of my hand carved stamps.


I had hand cut these letters for a DUDS project and thought they FIT my Style. The squares were stamped on deli paper with ceramic tiles – a tip I learned from Jodi Ohl on 21 Secrets. I have been loving that workshop!