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great use for Gelli prints

It’s so much fun printing with my Gelli Arts Plate. However, I have a problem finding something to do with ALL of my prints. My art journal is a natural spot for them, but today I found something else for this print.

dinny's garden | gelli plate mono print

While wrapping up a  gift for a friend I found the perfect size box, but it had no lid. So I improvised! Recycled paper shred saved from some other gift cradled the glass jars in the box. Heavy craft paper was wrapped around the box and glued to itself, so all my friend had to do was slide it off to get the goodies. My gelli print was not large enough to completely wrap the present, so I tore off a strip to wrapped around the kraft paper.


Alphabet rubber stamps spelled out THANKS with brown ink.

dinny's Garden | Gelli Print Gift Wrapping

Tied with baker’s twine and it’s ready to ship. I hid bubble wrap under the kraft paper, so it should survive shipping (fingers crossed). I hope my friend likes the treats inside, I had fun wrapping it.



Ever feel compelled to do something?

It amazes me how many times I feel the need to do something. Occasionally I act on these feelings, sometimes I ignore them and most of the time I don’t even acknowledge them {pity} .

While working on my swap postcards, I go with my gut on what to add. The words, extras, colors… I’m never sure what direction they will take and I just let my creativity go. While I was working on a particular postcard, I thought it would really work well if the heart had wings. No clue where that came from, but I ignored it and considered the card “complete” without the wings.

After I had mailed all of my postcards, I had one leftover.  While addressing a card to Joy, I realize that I had 2 cards with “JOY” on the front. It was ironic, so I couldn’t send her the one I was addressing, I HAD to send her a JOY card – but that’s ok, cause I get to keep the other one. My daughter got her favorite card with a special message added to celebrate an excellent ACT score.

On my last blog post, I got a comment that was kind, sweet and a wish that they would get one of my postcards. She was not on my list, so I contacted her for an address to send a postcard. Lisa’s site is called SPROUTING CREATIVE WINGS, so I added the wings to my leftover card and went to the post office for a stamp. I’m so glad I did! It felt right. Here is the final card

iHanna DIY postcard swap spring 2014

Now I think it is finally complete and on it’s way to another country.

Funny thing – – – I wrote this months ago and forgot to click PUBLISH. Maybe I wasn’t supposed to post it until today?!?!?!

Inspiration that’s blooming now…

Lately, I’ve been having fun mixing “real world” art with the digital world and realizing just how much I enjoy it. Since I  started art journaling, my art style has evolved into something more artistic and less structured or “designed”. The freedom while art journaling is wonderful – NO rules to follow and the only person I need to make happy is myself.

For  a future photoDUDS release I’ve been playing in paint and using my Gelli Arts Plate. SO many prints were created, I just couldn’t stop. By scanning the best bits, I have the control to position elements the way I want in Photoshop. That is freedom too!

Here are some of the bits after I have combined them in Photoshop.

dinny digital designs painted mixed media Photoshop

dinny digital designs painted mixed media Photoshop

dinny digital designs painted mixed media Photoshop

These are going to be 16×20 templates. Here are some of the details.

dinny digital designs painted mixed media Photoshop

dinny digital designs painted mixed media Photoshop

Gelli prints

I pulled out my Gelli plate and made some prints. These Gelli Arts Plates seem to be all the rage these days. Honestly, the first time I used the plate, I was not really happy with what I created. I felt like I should have saved my money on the plate. But, the more I play with it, the happier I am with the prints. I am learning to use more colors on the prints. Also, I like to go back over old prints later. Here are a few prints I pulled.

I used stencils, textured foam sheets and random round things. I keep struggling with what type of paints to use. The Golden Artist Colors paints are rather pricey, but I must admit, they blend very well and go on the plate nice and smooth. I tend to buy them one a time when I have a coupon (and right now Michaels has 50% off).

Gelli Arts Plate Print | dinny's garden

This one I used some holey joint tape on the plate. I couldn’t throw it away, so I added it to this print. This print was pulled at least twice.


Gelli Arts Plate Print | dinny's garden

Gelli Arts Plate Print | dinny's garden

To get the strips on this print, I laid some scrap of vellum on the plate before pulling the print. I now have some fun vellum strips to use elsewhere.

Gelli Arts Plate Print | dinny's garden

Gelli Arts Plate Print | dinny's garden

I really like this blue one! I don’t think it’s finished yet. I have some ideas of what to do to it digitally. We’ll see :)

Gelli Arts Plate Print | dinny's garden

I have TOO much fun making these prints, but I’m not quite sure what I will do with them. My box of scrap prints is getting full.

my summer journal

Got this GREAT large sized board book at the library for only 50¢. I have got to find more of these! No need to glue pages together and the book is 9×12 – fantastic size. It was a children’s story book written in German with these kinda creepy illustrations that I was happy to paint over. Here are some of the pages. The inside cover is layers of acrylic paint stamped with lots of my hand carved stamps.


I had hand cut these letters for a DUDS project and thought they FIT my Style. The squares were stamped on deli paper with ceramic tiles – a tip I learned from Jodi Ohl on 21 Secrets. I have been loving that workshop!