back from ImagingUSA – Phoenix

So, I’ve been back from ImagingUSA for a week. I finally feel like I’m getting caught up on all those little things that didn’t get done before the show.

Despite of our booth and DVDs showing up on the last day of the show, I think what we put together in a hurry worked really well – thanks to IKEA and some quick planning on our part! Fortunately, weeks before the show, we did plan to buy 1 IKEA Expedit bookcase and hand letter the sides. The night I arrived in Phoenix, we planned an entire booth around that bookcase.

I designed the type and product layout prior to the show. I printed out full size versions of the type and brought that with me. I used Chalk Ink Markers because they make less of a mess than real chalk, would not just rub off is someone brushed against it and could easily wipe off with water and a wet rag. I traced the letters onto the cabinet with chalk, then used the markers for the final type. After doing the first section of lettering, the Chalk Ink Markers started to chip off. I panicked, but figured it just gave it a real hand lettered look. For some odd reason, the cabinet on the top, must have had a different finish because the markers did not chip off of the lower unit.

I was really happy with the results. This is how the lettering turned out.